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With a profound passion for raising livestock and the western way of life, Clayton and Natalie Koopmann had a desire to reconnect their urban neighbors to the ranch and where their food is produced.  Inspired by the idea of producing and marketing locally raised beef, Clayton and Natalie made a long time dream a reality and founded Koopmann Family Beef in 2020. 

Koopmann Family Beef provides a high quality, healthy, nutritious source for beef, raised locally in the hills surrounding the Bay Area.  This small family run business takes pride in raising healthy cattle in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable style.  Our cattle spend over 90% of their lives in the hills where they graze on natural forage (grass) and receive the highest level of care, free of hormones and antibiotics.  

We pride ourselves in producing the safest, highest quality beef for our consumers and won’t sell a product that we wouldn’t feed to our own family.  We select our cattle based on carcass quality traits and provide high quality feed which results in a delicious, healthy, nutritious cut of meat for your dinner plate.  We offer grass fed and grain finished beef to suit your taste.  Feel confident in the safety and quality of your next meal by selecting locally raised Koopmann Family Beef.

Difference between Grass Finished vs. Grain Finished

Grass finished cattle spend their whole lives eating grass or forage. They may also eat grass, forage, hay or silage at a feedyard. All cattle on Grass contribute to sustainability by using forage from grasslands that sequester carbon. Our grass finished cattle are finished out on pasture therefore we only have supply in the spring.

Most beef cattle are raised on a grain-finished diet. However, they do not eat grain their whole lives, they spend a majority of their life eating grass or forage. Grain-finished cattle spend 4-6 months at a feedyard eating a balanced diet of grains, local feed ingredients, like potato hulls or sugar beets, and hay or forage. Grain-finished beef has a lower carbon footprint since the cattle reach production weight at a younger age.

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